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1 October 2010

Welcome to my new month’s resolution.  Yes, I really have those.  Every month I try to set a goal that challenges me, just for that month.  I find that more of my monthly goals actually lead to long term habits than things like new year’s resolutions.  I think there are several reasons for this.  One of them might be that I get twelve chances a year.  But I think the main reason is that you can do just about anything for a month.  Doing something for a year, or worse, making a lifetime commitment, can be overwhelming.  Knowing that you can stop in a month makes it easier to keep the commitment.  And actually doing it for a month is long enough to actually develop some good habits.

Other times, I just find out that some ideas really suck and I don’t want to do them anymore.

Back to this month’s goal.  I plan to blog every day for the month of October.  I don’t usually tell everybody what my goal is going to be.  This saves the embarrassment if I don’t follow through.  And I also don’t get confused halfway through the month, thinking I’m doing this for somebody else, which can lead to silly resentment about something that they never asked me to do in the first place.  But I thought my one blog post in September followed by 31 in October might lead some to believe that something is up.  So the cat is out of the bag.  I have my doubts that anyone will be reading this after about October 3 anyway, so what’s the big deal?  I do thank the three of you that will be with my that long.

I’ve been intrigued with the blogging concept for a long time.  I’m a long time self-described frustrated writer.  I have done some professional writing.  But I’m always writing about what other people want written.  I seldom take the time to write about what is interesting to me.  I’m really pleased that this creative channel  has been open in our time.  I’m envious of those that have embraced it and run with it.  And I hope I can truly make a habit of it.  I think it will be a good thing unto itself even if nobody else ever reads it.

So what will I blog about?  I really have no idea.  I hope it won’t turn into one of those journals about what I had for lunch.  In my first post, I realized, after the fact, that I had taken on both the largest country in the world and the largest company in the world in one sitting.  That might have been a little ambitious.  Or maybe next I’ll take on the capybara, the world’s largest rodent.

There’s a big election coming up next month, so I doubt that I’ll avoid the instinct to talk about some politics.  If you’re wondering what my political affiliation is, you shouldn’t.  I’m not left.  I’m not right.  I’m not middle of the road.  I’m all over the road.  If you’re a democrat, you’ll be convinced I’m a republican.  If you’re a capitalist, I’ll convince you that I’m a socialist.  If you’re a moderate, you’ll be sure that I’m a radical.  If you’re a radical, you’ll wish someone declared a fatwa on me if you don’t do it yourself.

It looks like my beloved San Francisco Giants will be advancing to the post-season, if they can avoid choking four days in a row.  So there’s a good chance I’ll be talking about baseball.  I started my first blog when following Barry Bonds on the road when he was trying to break the home run record.  The travel and writing every night were so tiring that I didn’t even write about it when he actually broke the record.  Yes, I was there.

A couple of warnings might be in order if you don’t know me.  I have a very dry, frequently wicked sense of humor.  I’m not saying I’m wickedly funny.  I’m not even saying I’m funny.  But much of what I write will probably be tongue-in-cheek and I season my writing and my every day speech with sarcasm.  It’s intended to make you laugh.  If all I get is a groan, I’m satisfied.

I’m a big believer in challenging common assumptions, not following the crowd, and thinking outside of the box.  I believe in being respectful, but I don’t believe in being politically correct.  I’m going to write about my opinions on things.  Given an entire month, I’m sure that I’ll say something that will offend just about everybody.  It’s never personal, even when it’s personal.  If I say something that challenges your beliefs, take it to mean that I respect you enough to know that you’ll spend some time thinking about and considering another point of view.  If you do take the time to think about it, and decide you had it right in the first place, I’ll respect you even more.  If you take the time to share your thoughts, I’ll really respect you.  Any comments left in the same spirit will always be welcome.  This corner of the internet will be pretty boring without them.

I hope to hear from you soon.  And I hope to write to you tomorrow.  And I hope it’s after a Giants victory.